Argyll and Bute

Welcome to our Community Learning and Development (CLD) Partnership's Action Plan for Argyll and Bute.

'Community learning and development' (CLD) includes a huge variety of informal and formal learning, delivered locally in our communities by a wide range of agencies.  Our CLD partners include Argyll College, Argyll and Bute Council, Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface, Fire Scotland, JobCentre Plus, NHS, Police Scotland and Skills Development Scotland. 

We work together to respond to what young people, adults and community groups say they want to learn, and deliver it in the right places at the right times.  We aim to help people make positive changes in their lives through learning. 

This website is for anyone to find out what activity is being planned by the CLD Partnership, and why.

You can find out what activity is planned, by using our search function, or by looking through our plans.  Please see our draft Strategy for more detail: Argyll and Bute CLD Partnership Strategy 2015-18 (draft).

We are keen to hear what you think. If you would like to comment on any information you see on this site, or have any questions please use our feedback form.