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A Guide to Implementing Getting it Right for Every Child (SG, 2010)pdf2,390 kB20/07/2015
Adult Learning Statement of Ambition (SG, May 2014)pdf1,213 kB16/07/2015
Adult Literacies in Scotland 2020: Strategic guidancepdf254 kB16/07/2015
Annual Population Survey (2013) - LA Tablesxls1,187 kB23/02/2015
Area Profile for east Dunbartonshire (Oct 2014)pdf1,647 kB06/03/2015
CLD Guidance for Local Authorities, Scottish Government, May 2014pdf487 kB02/09/2015
COmmunity Empowerment (Scotland) Act (2015)pdf1,792 kB31/08/2015
Curriculum for Excellence Brief on Role of CLD and Partnership Workingpdf2,353 kB31/08/2015
Curriculum for Excellence Briefing 10 - Role of CLD and PartnershiP Working (Education Scotland, 2013)pdf2,353 kB16/07/2015
Developing Scotlands Young Workforce (Dec 2014)pdf665 kB04/03/2015
East Dunbartonshire Area Profile 2015-16pdf1,688 kB20/08/2015
East Dunbartonshire Autism Strategy, 2014-2024pdf1,221 kB27/07/2015
East Dunbartonshire Council Workforce Strategy, 2015-18pdf1,936 kB31/08/2015
East Dunbartonshire Curriculum for Excellence Strategic Plan, 2015-18pdf68 kB31/08/2015
East Dunbartonshire Financial Inclusion Strategy, 2014-17pdf223 kB31/08/2015
East Dunbartonshire Health & Wellbeing Profile 2010 (NHS)pdf2,805 kB07/07/2015
East Dunbartonshire Joint Health Improvement Plan 2013-16pdf1,886 kB07/07/2015
East Dunbartonshire Skills Pipeline Descriptorpdf10 kB31/08/2015
East Dunbartonshire SOA 2014-2017pdf610 kB13/03/2015
East Dunbartonshire Youth Employment Action Plan, July 2015pdf2,089 kB31/08/2015
EDC Stakeholder Engagement Summary Report (Dec. 2012)pdf141 kB13/03/2015
Equality Impact Assessment of CLD Plandoc101 kB31/08/2015
Hillhead Joint Resourcing Plan, EDC 2015pdf12,436 kB20/08/2015
How Good is our CLD (HMIe, 2006)pdf742 kB31/08/2015
Ketso Engagement on How Good is Our Hillhead? (December 2014)xlsx18 kB26/08/2015
Ketso Engagement with CLD Managers and Practitioners (October 2014)xlsx22 kB26/08/2015
More Choices More Chances (SG, 2006)pdf453 kB16/07/2015
National Youth Work Strategy (2014-19)pdf1,057 kB23/02/2015
NOMIS EDC Area Profile 2013pdf446 kB23/02/2015
Opportunities for All - Post 16 Learning, Training or Work (Nov 2014)pdf162 kB04/03/2015
Scotland's ESOL Strategy 2015-2020 (SG, April 2015)pdf2,058 kB05/06/2015
Skills Development Scotland CPP Report (June 2013)pdf689 kB23/02/2015
Sustainable Development Pre Screening Reportdoc344 kB31/08/2015
The Keys to Life (SG, 2013)pdf3,809 kB03/07/2015
The Nature and Extend of Food Poverty in Scotland (University of Aberdeen for NHS Scotland, May 2015)pdf4,445 kB23/07/2015
Working for Growth: A refresh of The Employability Framework for Scotland (SG, 2012)pdf909 kB16/07/2015