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16+ Learning Choicespdf328 kB10/02/2015
A guide to GIRFEC - getting it right for every childpdf2,631 kB17/03/2015
Achieving Our Potentialpdf321 kB05/03/2015
Adult Learning Statement of Ambitionpdf1,213 kB03/08/2015
ALiS 2020pdf254 kB05/03/2015
ALP Adult Learning Consultation 2015pdf89 kB11/09/2015
ALP Learner Voice Event Nov 2013docx38 kB22/06/2015
ALP Public Consultation Survey 2015pdf629 kB12/05/2015
Ambition & Opportunity A Strategy for Public Libraries in Scotland 2015-2020pdf2,676 kB23/06/2015
CfE role of CLD and Partnership Workingpdf2,353 kB09/04/2015
Child Poverty Strategy 2014-17pdf730 kB26/05/2015
Children and Young People (Scotland) Actpdf501 kB09/04/2015
Children and Young People Billpdf1,108 kB10/02/2015
CLD CPD Strategy for Scotland 2011pdf229 kB12/05/2015
CLD Regulations 2013 Guidance for Local Authoritiespdf487 kB03/09/2015
Collated CLD ALS Focus Group Responsesdocx22 kB01/06/2015
Collated Learner Voice Event Feedback November 2013docx24 kB01/06/2015
Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015pdf659 kB25/01/2016
Community Empowerment Billpdf752 kB05/03/2015
Corporate Services Departmental Plan 2015-16pdf989 kB04/08/2015
Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomesdoc662 kB12/03/2015
Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan 2015-16pdf103 kB29/06/2015
Developing Scotland's Young Workforcepdf784 kB17/03/2015
Developing the Young Workforce Milestones for 2015/1608/07/2015
DofE Stats 13/14 & 14/15docx17 kB04/04/2016
Early Intervention and Prevention The role of the Adult Learnerpdf2,628 kB31/08/2015
Early Years Frameworkpdf449 kB05/03/2015
Education Dept Service Plan 2014-15pdf1,070 kB12/05/2015
Education Working for Allpdf784 kB10/02/2015
Educational Services Departmental Plan 2015-16pdf1,128 kB04/08/2015
Employability and Economic Growth Delivery & Improvement Group Action Plan 2015/1619/08/2015
Equally Well Reportpdf515 kB10/02/2015
Family Learning Report West Dunbartonshire by Education Scotlandpdf1,805 kB02/11/2015
Initial School Leaver Destination Return 2013/14pdf738 kB10/03/2015
Key Data on Adolescents (UK 2013)pdf1,616 kB09/04/2015
Learning Community Partnership Baseline Report 2015pdf270 kB19/08/2015
Learning in Scotland's Communitiespdf8,698 kB05/03/2015
More Choices More Chancespdf453 kB10/02/2015
National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education 2016pdf4,609 kB24/03/2016
National School Leavers Destination Report 2014 - 15pdf1,313 kB04/04/2016
Needs Analysis Results for Community Life 2015docx31 kB17/11/2015
Needs Analysis Results for Family Life 2015docx30 kB17/11/2015
Needs Analysis Results for Personal Life 2015docx25 kB17/11/2015
Needs Analysis Results for Work Life 2015docx27 kB17/11/2015
Penny for Youth Thoughts Consultation 2014/15docx648 kB10/03/2015
Planning for change in Scotland's communitiespdf2,571 kB27/04/2016
Positive Destinations for 16-19 year olds Rationale updated April 2016docx27 kB04/04/2016
Read On Get Onpdf1,497 kB12/05/2015
Safe, Strong and Involved Communities Delivery & Improvement Group Action Plan 2015/1619/08/2015
SALSUS Data Over Time Report 2015pdf1,092 kB04/08/2015
SALSUS Online Pilot Report 2015pdf827 kB04/08/2015
Scotland's Young Workforce Contextual data 2015pdf989 kB29/06/2015
SDS Regional Skills Assessment 2014pdf3,078 kB31/08/2015
See Me - Survey of Young People Re: Mental Health 2015pdf1,523 kB29/06/2015
Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) - 2014/17pdf2,473 kB12/05/2015
Skills for Learning, Life and Work (CfE)pdf57 kB10/03/2015
SLA What's Changed 4 U survey results 13-14doc616 kB01/06/2015
SLIC - How Good is Our Public Library Servicepdf6,586 kB12/05/2015
SLIC - Impact of School Libraries on Learningpdf1,443 kB12/05/2015
Social and Economic Profile 2012 - 2013pdf2,115 kB05/03/2015
Social and Economic Profile 2013 - 2014pdf2,011 kB05/03/2015
Strategic Guidance CPP: CLD 2012pdf632 kB10/02/2015
Supporting Children and Families Delivery & Improvement Group Action Plan 2015/16pdf299 kB19/08/2015
The Requirements for CLD (Regulations) 2013docx902 kB05/03/2015
The Road To Recoverypdf5,540 kB12/03/2015
Tobacco Control Strategy Scotland 2013pdf258 kB03/08/2016
Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotlandpdf5,976 kB12/03/2015
Tullochan School Programmes 2015docx66 kB22/05/2015
United Nations Convention of Human Rights for Childrenpdf473 kB05/03/2015
WDC - CPP - SDS joint report June 2015pdf683 kB06/07/2015
WDC Social and Economic Profile 2012/13pdf2,115 kB12/05/2015
We Asked Youth Voiced Consultation Report 2015docx2,158 kB11/11/2015
West College Scotland Regional Outcome Agreementpdf649 kB05/03/2015
West Dunbartonshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership delivery plan 2012 to 2015pdf196 kB31/08/2015
West Dunbartonshire Community Learning and Development Summary of Plan 2015-18pdf724 kB20/10/2015
West Dunbartonshire Council Equalities Mainstreaming Report and Equality Outcomes 2013/17pdf412 kB10/03/2015
West Dunbartonshire Single Outcome Agreementpdf1,483 kB09/02/2015
West dunbartonshire Social and Economic Profile 2014pdf2,112 kB07/09/2015
Wrecked and Wasted Alcohol Survey 2013-14pdf3,169 kB28/05/2015
YA4 rationaledocx24 kB07/05/2015
Youth Consultation & Representation Development Plan 2014/15pdf387 kB04/08/2015
Youth Employment Strategypdf683 kB24/02/2015
Youth Voice Consultation Report 2013pdf1,760 kB04/08/2015