CLD Strategy & Plans

TitleRef. NumberIdentified NeedAdded
Family Life: Adult Learning within the family provides positive examples for children and young peoplealp4To break the cycles of poverty, inequality and poor outcomes which affect the lives of young people.03/08/2015
Skills for Learning, Life and Work - (including 16+ Employability)ya1To improve the life chances of Young People facing multiple barriers to employment by enabling them to identify and remove barriers to employment therefore increasing their employability.21/05/2015
Involvement, Consultation and Representation (Young People aged 11 - 25 years)ya3To involve Young People in shaping youth provision ensuring that they effective platforms to take part in decision making structures.21/05/2015
Health and Wellbeing - Early intervention and prevention "Substance Misuse"ya2In response to consultation we need to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of Young People by ensuring that they receive credible information and education, so that they can make informed choices and improve their life chances. To reduce the impact of drugs and alcohol on local communities.12/03/2015
Workforce Development and Performance Managementcld-1The Scottish Government issued Guidance to all local authorities in June 2012 highlighting the importance of having a core of highly skilled professionals as being essential to deliver better outcomes for people and communities.03/03/2015
Work Life: 'Adult Learning is key to employability'alp1With the impact of Welfare Reform and lower employment rates than the rest of Scotland there is a need to support people with their employability skills.03/03/2015
Community Life: effective adult learning is at the core of a Scottish knowledge-based societyalp3Adults will be empowered and supported to contribute to planning adult learning provision and to undertake community activities, including volunteering.09/02/2015
Personal Life: “Adult Learning is essential to enable and encourage adults in Scotland”alp2Key life transitions create challenges for Adults which can be addressed through Adult Learning. Learners have expressed a need for opportunities to learn new skills and improve confidence.09/02/2015